Our Story

Kauai Outrigger started when co-founder, Steve (Laci) Bujdos, accidentally discovered outrigger canoeing while visiting Kauai in 1999. During one of his trips, when he had originally intended to rent a kayak, he noticed a group of men getting in to a 6-man outrigger canoe. Very curious as to what they were doing, he convinced the Kaiola Canoe club’s coach to let him join in on the practice that day and it was love at first paddle. Laci’s passion for outrigger canoeing has only grown since.

In 2008, Laci decided to invite his good friend Tim Gale (co-founder) to Kauai to share with him this passion he’d discovered. Tim, who was already an avid outrigger paddler, found that no water he’d ever paddled in could compare to the warm, blue waters of Kauai. At the end of that visit, Tim knew that they needed to share this magical place with fellow paddlers.

Laci and Tim began to build relationships with key paddlers they’d meet at competitions in Kauai. These paddlers were instrumental in allowing Laci and Tim to bring friends to Kauai to experience places only the only the locals were aware of.

Now, five years later, Kauai Outrigger has grown exponentially. By seeking out top-quality canoes and top-quality paddling instructors, Laci and Tim have been able to give paddlers an experience unlike any other. They’ve also opened up their offerings, to include clinics not only in Kauai, but also Maui and California.

Laci’s and Tim’s mission is to make sure paddlers leave with lasting memories! They want to provide a rewarding, exciting, memorable, and safe paddling experience in a highly desired exotic location where paddlers gain improved skills, confidence, and a feeling that their expectations have been exceeded. To continue to do this, Laci and Tim promise that they will continue to seek out the best paddling opportunities for their paddlers so that they are eager to come back.

  1. Aloha Pat, our next clinic is our Winter Clinic, Monday, Feb 18 – Friday, Feb 22 2019. You can register online at kauaioutrigger.com/kauai-winter-clinic if you are interested in attending. When we are not running the clinics we offer lessons for paddlers at all levels. If you are interested in a lesson on how to ride the bumps, improve your paddling technique… please let us know.



  2. Are you still active. I’m on Kauai now and until 12/21/18.. I saw you are having a clinic in Feb. when is your next clinic in Calif?

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