Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Hanalei Bay, Kauai

Our clinics will appeal to those who want to paddle at one of Hawaii’s most scenic locations with great accommodations and guaranteed access to a solo. Kauai‘s North Shore Hanalei location is the ideal place to base a clinic on the island. You can launch your boat without worrying about being smashed. You have the choice of paddling in the bay if you’re a novice before you venture out to the waves. You can venture to the outside of the surf breaks and have a blast riding waves. You can head out for picture postcard paddles on the north shore including the Napali Coast or even paddle 2-1/2 miles inland up the river. The one way runs will be wherever the best water is for the day on either the North or South Shore.

Clinics can be scheduled for one week or more and requires a minimum of 8 people and 2 months notice. The clinic will run 5 days per week up to 4hrs per day plus 2 additional days of boat use as desired. It can be tailored for novice or advanced paddlers to include canoe stroke in a one man and six man, catching waves in a one man and six man, water changes, race preparation, crew selection, training methodologies, and of course one way runs and scenic paddles.

Transportation to and from the airport will be provided. Boat transportation and paddle related transportation for yourself will be provided. You can use the boats as you desire including the weekends for paddling or racing. The paddle pros will be the coaches from the Namolokama Canoe Club who have been doing clinics in Hawaii and Europe plus the Top Kauai paddlers such as Keone who coaches a club on Kauai. Special guests may also be flown in for a guest appearance if available.Patti in Hanalei

The estimated cost of the camp is to be in the range of $1200 to $1300 per week depending on the number of people, accommodation type (condo or house) and location. This also includes boat rental, liability insurance, and one year membership to the  Namolokama Canoe Club to attend practices. It does not include flight.

Contact us to arrange a clinic or register for a posted clinic.

We are are currently signing-up for Winter 2013 (Jan24-Feb07) and Spring 2013 (March 16-30). See the Contact page to register or request additional information.

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