California Clinics

Please note we are currently not offering clinics in California. Below is what we offered in the past and may resume in the future.

If you’re new to Outrigger and looking to ramp up fast, OR you’re a seasoned veteran, looking to raise your level to the next bar, we can help. We’re prepping for OC1 and Va’a clinics in California.

Paddling seems simple, but in fact there are a lot of variables that one needs to learn besides just training hard every day to become a great paddler. We will tailor our sessions based on participant level and interest ensure you develop good habits and can accelerate your learning curve. The following are some of the topics that we will get into:

  • Reading the water and reacting to various conditions
  • Adaptive techniques to match various conditions
  • Optimized posture to engage large muscle groups
  • Balancing your canoe to be comfortable, efficient, and powerful
  • Planning your race and course
  • Pre-race strategizing and nutrition
  • Dry land training activities

If you’re interested SIGN UP FOR NOTIFICATIONS.

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