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Outrigger canoe clinics or lessons in Kauai.

Steering Clinic

Saturday October 18th 2014
10am at Jericho Sailing Center

Jericho Sailing Centre Google Map

Kauai Outrigger will be holding a steering clinic at Jericho Sailing Centre with Mirage and Lightning canoes supplied from the Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club. We will start with theory and discussion in the members lounge 11am sharp, followed by water session, then video review.

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Summer Napali Challenge Clinic

The Summer Napali Challenge clinic is under way with 24 participants. Teams are attending from Florida, Vancouver, and other areas of Canada, US, and Hawaii. You can stay up to date with news from our Facebook page.

Clinic with Kai

Have your ever dreamed of being able to surf an Outrigger as well as Kai Bartlett. Well your chance is finally here. Kai will be holding a clinic at the Stevenson camp ground race registration site Friday July 18th at 1pm. 

Napali Challenge Prep Clinic Approaching

Next up is the 2014 Napali Challenge Prep Clinic starting Sunday August 3rd.  We have a great turn out for this clinic and the group will be well rewarded with lots of scenic North Shore summer paddling.  A full team from Florida is attending and we have organized team Kauai Outrigger from the other participants.

FYI, canoe and ski rentals are available for anyone staying after the race.


2014 KWC Prep Clinic Concluded

Thanks to all the returning paddlers from Canada and new paddlers from Chicago, Washington, and Bend Oregon that attended the KWC prep clinic. We had some great runs and it was a treat to see paddlers get aha moments becoming masters on the water. The water toned down for the race and was hot. All completed the race and enjoyed the live band, beer and drinks on the beach after.  We hope everyone took in the magic of  Kauai. Next up is the summer Napali Challenge clinic suitable for all level of paddlers.