Tim and Laci work hard to make sure they seek out the best paddlers in the world to carry out their clinics. They want to make sure that each clinic not only provides their paddlers with a wealth of knowledge when it comes to technique and skills, but they also get a completely local experience. From the locations and the instructors they choose, to the tips and tricks they provide, everyone at the clinic comes out a better paddler.

Kai Bartlett

Kai BartlettWhere do I begin? Kai is a paddler extraordinaire. He devotes his life to paddling, either on the water or in the shop building canoes. He resides in Maui, but his home is Kauai.

Here are just some of his accomplishments:

  • 3 x Molokai Hoe OC6 wins with Lanikai.
  • 5 x OC1 Molokai solo wins.
  • 9 x OC1 Molokai solo relay wins.
  • At least 3 x Kauai World Challenge wins.


Keone Miyake

Keone MiyakeKeone is the coach at Kukui`ula Outrigger Canoe Club and one of the coaches at Puuwai canoe club on Kauai. Keone is a wave catcher extraordinaire and and one of the best when it comes to teaching. Every paddler on Kauai knows Keone!






Pat Dolan

pat-dolan-1For some it’s a hobby but for Patrick Dolan, paddle sports are an addiction. Born and raised in Kailua, Oahu, Patrick was always involved in athletics, however after joining Lanikai Canoe Club at the age of 10, Patrick never looked back – paddling and ocean sports took over.

At the age of 15, Patrick decided he wanted to become an elite paddler and began attending Lanikai Canoe Clubʼs mens practices where Kai Bartlett saw the potential in Patrick. Kai took Patrick under his wing and got him started with OC-1 paddling sponsored by Kai’s company; Kai Wa’a. Patrick dedicated himself to training with the Lanikai men and in OC-1, and quickly became competitive in races.

Patrick is also a kayak and surfki paddler extraordinaire. Patrick’s paddling career started as a junior Olympic kayaker. He joined Maryknoll High Schoolʼs kayak team, and even though he was inexperienced, he won the state championship. Patrick was recruited by HCKT (Hawaii Canoe & Kayak Team) and made the US Junior National Team attending the Junior World Championships in Hungary. Patrick progressed to the US Men’s National Team once he turned eighteen and moved to San Diego to train at the National Training Center for kayaking.

Fortunately for us, Patrick has returned to his roots and the love of ocean paddling. He became a competitive Surfksi and Outrigger paddler placing top 3 in Molokai World Championships. You can check out one of his teaching videos on YouTube.


LaolaLaola is very active in the competitive scene in OC1, OC2, and SUP. Her water experience has been a lifelong relationship with the ocean that started with surfing at age of five. Laola is on the Kauai Lifeguard Association board and her forté and passion is teaching OC1/OC2 and SUP with special emphasis on safety above all. Laola was just awarded the YWCA for her contribution to water sports and water safety, a yearly award given to women who have made a difference in their community.

Her accomplishments are:

  • 2 x Hawaii State surfing champion.
  • United States Amateur surfing champion and also winner in tandem division.
  • 5 x State champion in OC6 novice, freshman, junior, then senior.
  • Competed in the NaPali SUP solo race (17 miles) for the last 5 years winning her age group.
  • Na Pali OC6 masters division winner (several times).
  • Na Wahine o ke kai Molokai channel-masters winners 4 years in a row.
  • Sailing canoe – gone across the island chains starting from the Big Island in either a 4 man or 6 man including the longest channel which goes from Oahu to Kauai.
  • Laola and her husband won the 2010 Molokai Solo OC2 division.
  • Laola has also been a Molokai channel coach for over the last 10 years coaching OC6 teams, SUP paddlers, and paddle boarders.

Steve Cole

Steve ColeSteve lives and plays in Kauai, paddling Outrigger, Surfski, and SUP. Johnny Pukea has worked with Steve, coaching Hawaii canoe & kayak along with Billy Whitford President of Newport Aquatic center. Steve has traveled a lot coaching outrigger and kayak and has placed with the top runners in the prestigious Kanaka ikaika Molokai to Oahu kayak races along with many other races. He has also been coached by Oscar Chalupski.

We are fortunate to have him keen to share his paddling experience and knowledge. Check out his innovative hydration system at Kolegear.

Some of his accomplishments:

  • Paddled outrigger canoes competitively for 42 years.
  • Member of Team Hawaii.
  • Raced the Molokai Channel over 50 times with wins in the OC-1 division, plus several age group division wins at Molokai Hoe.
  • Lanikai Canoe Club head coach for 2 years, traveling with teams to Tahiti Fete and other international races.
  • Hawaii Canoe and Kayak Head Coach for 4 years, traveling to many National events on the mainland.
  • Headed canoe clinics in Australia, Canary Islands, England, Oahu, and Kauai.
  • Namolokama Canoe Club coach for men and women coach for over 10 years.
  • Paddling ambassador for the State of Hawaii to New York, Pacific North West, California and Australia.
  • Competed in IVF World Sprints: Tahiti, New Zealand, Fiji, and throughout Asia.

Luke Evslin

Luke EvslinLuke Evslin began paddling in 1996 for Kaiola Canoe Club on Kauai ,and is a master at stroke analysis and technique. He has competed extensively in Hawai’i, Tahiti, and California.  In 2007 he figured out how to make a career out of paddling by being one of the founders of Kamanu Composites, producers of the Pueo OC-1. After a back injury took him out of serious competitive paddling, Luke puts his competitive energy into coaching and is the current head coach of Pu’uwai Canoe Club.

His accomplishments are:

  • Winner of the 2010 and 2012 Pa’a ‘Eono Hoe.
  • Winner of the 2010 and 2012 Pailolo Channel.
  • 3rd place finish in the 2010 Kaiwi Relay
  • Finished 8th in the 2008 Moloka’i Solo World Championships

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