Kauai Clinics

Our clinics in Kauai offer paddlers a number of unique opportunities from novice clinics to advanced clinics. We have set clinic schedules throughout the year, but we can also organize a non-scheduled clinic if requested.

Safety is emphasized and a full assessment of paddling ability will be done to ensure each paddler is accommodated accordingly. The clinics typically run for 4 days, and we will paddle at various locations around the islands based on the conditions. For clinics we post as advanced, you need to be very comfortable paddling in the open ocean where swells can be 10 plus feet, and winds can gust to 30mph. For novice paddlers and intermediates, note that not every day is epic in Hawaii, and we offer plenty novice and intermediate clinics and lessons. All participants must have a clean bill of health combined with strong swimming ability.

The canoes we use are Ares, Pueo, and Gemini double. The canoes are checked regularly and are in top quality condition. Visit Kai Wa’a  and Kamanu Composites for more details on canoes.

Ask about a group rate if you have 6 or more paddlers coming from the same location!

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