Kauai September 2022 Clinic

Tuesday Sep 06 – Friday Sep 09 2022

$750usd 4-Days (*we supply canoe)
$375usd 2-Days (*we supply canoe)

Next up is the Fall Clinic

*Paddlers must supply their own leash, paddles, PFDs, and fill in the online waiver form.

This is special clinic for our friends visiting from London. It will be four days of combined OC6/Solo paddling where you’ll get to play in Kauai waters. The instructors are very in-tune with paddler capabilities and will select the optimal paddle locations and runs to ensure you progress comfortably. We will help you with your stroke, wave catching, and cater to your specific needs.

Safety is enforced with no exception. Please have a PFD which can be an inflatable waist pack. If you are planning and approved to go out in a solo after being assessed, then make sure you have a spare paddle to strap down on the iako. View our checklist of items to bring.

Please make sure you adhere to Hawaii travel restrictions and travel to USA restrictions.


4x Day Clinic (canoe rental included) – $750

Pay now with PayPal

2x Day Clinic (canoe rental included) – $375

Pay now with PayPal

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*NOTE: We reserve the right to modify clinics into private or semi-private lessons at lesson rates if we don’t have a minimum of 6 paddlers attending a clinic. In the very unlikely event we have to cancel, we will refund your full cost of the clinic. If you need to cancel up to 2 months prior to the scheduled start date of a clinic, we will refund the full amount minus any admin fees charged to us, unless it affects the minimum participation requirement in which case the refund will be 50% minus admin fees. If you cancel within two months of a clinic start date then the refund will be 50% minus admin fee since most of the fixed costs for the clinic will have been paid for and cannot be reimbursed. During the clinic, paddlers are responsible for any damages to the boats they are using. If there are damages, then the instructor or management will determine if the boat needs to be completely replaced or can be repaired.

Please also note that even for our novice clinics, paddlers must still have adequate experience on an outrigger and must pass the instructors assessment including demonstrating a remount to be permitted to paddle in the open ocean. If you fail the assessment then please note that we won’t be able to refund, but we will try to accommodate a paddling experience in safe protected waters which may have additional costs if a private instructor is required.

  1. Hi Pat, yes will have a Fall and Winter Clinic. The dates will be published shortly on our website. The Fall clinic is scheduled toward the end of October and beginning of November, and the Winter clinic is scheduled around Presidents Day.

  2. KAUAI Canoe club-I’m interested in a clinic for OC-1 open ocean and wave catching experience. I have been paddling ocean off San Diego coast for about four years. I see your clinic in early Sept. Is there going to be anything in Oct -Nov.? Or Jan-Feb? Calif coast is pretty calm waters. How will I know if I can qualify.? Mahalo
    Pat McGriff
    Encinitas, Calif

  3. Kathleen Crane

    Laci, I want to make sure that my name is on the list for the September clinic OC6s. Is it possible to borrow a paddle?.. I have only dragon boat paddles.
    I also owe you some more money. Could you please let me know how much and how I should pay this extra $.
    Thanks very much
    Kathy Crane

  4. Hi
    We are nearing the confirmation of numbers for the above paddling clinic…it is likely to be 12, the majority of whom are confident in singles and doubles on the sea, if not in your ocean conditions. Please confirm that these dates are still valid and I’ll chase the sign ups and payments by the weekend.
    Andy Trunks
    Chair Paddlesports Racing Canoe Club (GB)

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