Kauai Steering Clinic

Do you want to learn how to steer an OC6 or would you like to elevate your steering skills to expert level? On top of that, would you like to do it in the warm scenic waters of Kauai?  If this is what you’ve been waiting for then fill out the interest form below for an up coming Kauai steering session.

We are starting off with one day steering sessions on select Sunday’s for a minimum of 5 paddlers at a rate of $100 for the day. The session will consist of  two hours of theory followed by a two hour paddle where each paddler will practice steering under supervision. If there is enough interest for a 5 day steering clinic then we will plan periodic steering clinics in Kauai throughout the year.

We greatly appreciate you taking the time to fill out the interest form at no obligation to let us know if Kauai Outrigger should pursue offering paddlers the unique opportunity to learn to steer in beautiful Kauai waters – Mahalo!