Kauai Winter Clinic

President Day – Monday, February 21/2022

Sunday Feb 20 – Wednesday Feb 23 2022
$750 usd (*We supply canoe)
$650 usd (*Supply your own canoe)

*Paddlers must supply their own leash, paddles, PFDs, and fill in the online waiver form.

There tends to be great deals on flights and accommodations this time of year and we can’t think of a better place to escape winter and kick start your paddling for the new year. The water is still warm, and the whales and dolphins tend to come out to play more this time of year.

This is an all-encompassing clinic. We will teach you the safety tricks you need to be aware of, on shore canoe handling, and beach launchings/landings. We will do an assessment of your paddling ability and then coach you on your skill gaps. We will analyze your technique, work on your stability and balance, and teach you the finer points of wave riding to make you a proficient confident paddler, especially in Hawaiian waters.

Multiple instructors will be on hand to address your questions and meet your personal needs. We will start in flat water on the river then move into the bay building on what you have learnt. When ready, we will venture out to the open ocean for some incredibly scenic and fun one way runs. If consensus is there, we can also do OC6 and teach steering in this clinic.

The canoes will likely be, but not limited to Ares, Pueo, and doubles such as Gemini. The canoes are checked and are in top quality condition. Visit Kai Wa’a and Kamanu Composites for more details on some of the outrigger canoes we use.

Ask about a group rate if you have 6 or more paddlers!


4x Day Clinic (canoe rental included) – $750

Pay now with PayPal

4x Day Clinic (supply your own canoe) – $650

Pay now with PayPal

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*NOTE: We reserve the right to modify clinics into private or semi-private lessons at lesson rates if we don’t have a minimum of 6 paddlers attending a clinic. In the very unlikely event we have to cancel, we will refund your full cost of the clinic. If you need to cancel up to 2 months prior to the scheduled start date of a clinic, we will refund the full amount minus any admin fees charged to us, unless it affects the minimum participation requirement in which case the refund will be 50% minus admin fees. If you cancel within two months of a clinic start date then the refund will be 50% minus admin fee since most of the fixed costs for the clinic will have been paid for and cannot be reimbursed. During the clinic, paddlers are responsible for any damages to the boats they are using. If there are damages, then the instructor or management will determine if the boat needs to be completely replaced or can be repaired.

**Please also note that even for our novice clinics, paddlers must still have adequate experience on an outrigger and must pass the instructors assessment including demonstrating a remount to be permitted to paddle in the open ocean. If you fail the assessment then please note that we won’t be able to refund, but we will try to accommodate a paddling experience in safe protected waters which may have additional costs if a private instructor is required.

  1. I meant the meeting time and place for the start of the winter clinic… not the spring clinic.

  2. Will you contact us with information about where and when we should meet for the first day of the spring s

  3. Kathleen Crane

    Does the Omicron variant affect the winter clinic? If so will the money we have spent go to a future clinic if need be?

  4. Aloha, The clinic moves up and down the coast depending on the wind and the weather. The hours will vary each day depending on what the needs of the paddlers are. If we are doing a one way run we may go in the morning or the afternoon depending on the wind. Some runs take longer than others. I would say aprox 4 hours.


  5. Can you please tell me where the winter clinic will be held, and what are the hours each day? Thank you

  6. Keone will contact today you and help you out. Please contact us at info@kauaioutrigger.com for further correspondence. Thanks Tim

  7. When I click on the “register” box nothing happens, there is no place to enter info

  8. Hi Stan, I have seen that you were unable to register for the winter clinic. Can you share with us what difficulty you are having and we will see if we can help you out. Tim

  9. Trying to register for the Kauai winter clinic

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