Maui to Moloka’i (M2M) Prep Clinic

***2018 M2M Prep Clinic Sold Out!
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Sunday, April 7 – Wednesday, April 10
$725 usd (*Supply your own canoe)
$875 usd (*We supply canoe)

*Paddlers must supply their own leash, paddles and PFDs

The instructor for this clinic is Kekoa Kau and is a a very popular clinic that sells out early. It’s a great clinic to take for anyone new to M2M, and for seasoned paddlers that want to gain an advantage over their competitors or for anyone that just wants to get some exhilarating Maui surfing runs in with Kekoa Kau giving you expert tips. You do need to be an experienced paddler and very comfortable and proficient in big ocean water conditions as well as a strong swimmer.

Canoe rental for the clinic is included in the price, however; not for the race. You can contact us for canoe rental information for the M2M race. Canoes for the race are limited in supply and cost $500 due to transporting expense from Molokai. We do hold canoes in reserve for clinic participants on a first sign up basis giving clinic participants top priority. You can also rent a canoe to do extra runs after the clinic ends for $150/day.

The canoes will very likely be but not limited to Pueo and Ares; both are excellent surfing canoes! Please be aware that as typical and due to the high cost of insurance, paddlers are responsible for any canoe damage in the clinic, race or from rental including replacement if we determine that repairing is not going to adequately restore the canoe. We rarely have an issue as we teach and ensure proper canoe handling, plus strictly emphasise where the safe launching and landing sites are. However; winds or a big wave can catch anyone by surprise so please be alert at all times and accept responsibility in case a misfortunate event does occur – this is very much appreciated and helps us keep costs down! You can check out Kamanu Composites and Kai Wa’a for more details on outrigger canoes.

More information about M2M can be found at the Maui Paddling Hui.


4x Day Clinic (canoe rental included) – $875

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4x Day Clinic (supply your own canoe) – $725

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*NOTE: We reserve the right to modify clinics if we don’t have a minimum of 6 paddlers attending for a five day clinic, and 4 paddlers for a weekend session. In the very unlikely event we have to cancel, we will refund the cost of the clinic. If you need to cancel, we will refund the full amount minus the PayPal admin fee (approx. $60USD) up to 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date of a clinic, unless it affects the minimum participation requirement in which case the refund will be 50% minus the PayPal admin fee. If you cancel within two weeks of a clinic start date then the refund will be a 70% minus the PayPal admin fee since most of the fixed costs for the clinic will have been paid for and cannot be reimbursed. During the clinic, paddlers are responsible for any damages to the boats they are using. If there are damages, then the instructor will determine if the boat needs to be completely replaced or it can be fixed.

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