Maui to Moloka’i (M2M) Post-Race Clinic

Monday, April 16 – Friday, April 20

$725 usd (*Supply your own canoe)
$875 usd (*We supply canoe)

*Paddlers must supply their own leash, paddles and PFDs

If you’re hanging around Maui after the M2M race, or will be travelling to Maui in April and looking to get connected with the paddling scene for some one way runs plus have the bonus of learning from one of Hawaii’s greatest paddlers, then you’ve come to the right place.

This is a great clinic to take for intermediate to advanced paddlers that want to improve their enjoyment of surfing their canoe. Efficient and effective wave catching is the key to an enjoyable and rewarding outrigger experience, and learning from one of Hawaii’s best is the key to accelerating your learning curve. Kai Bartlett is a team Primo racer with a phenomenal reputation in the paddling community winning many races in his career. Kai is also a canoe designer and builder. In fact, his Ares is one of the best solo canoes ever to come out on the market and a proven winner.

Kai is a great teacher as well and eager to share his knowledge and to provide expert tips to get you paddling and surfing like a pro. You do need to be an experienced paddler and very comfortable and proficient in big ocean water conditions as well as a strong swimmer.

You can contact us for canoe rental information for the M2M race.

Since Kai builds Ares and Antares outrigger canoes, those will likely be, but not limited to, the canoes supplied for the clinic. The canoes are like new condition, and some may even be brand new, so you are very fortunate to have Kai not only teach the clinic, but to make his canoes available for the clinic. Visit Kai Wa’a for more details on outrigger canoes.

More information about M2M can be found at the Maui Paddling Hui.




*NOTE: We reserve the right to modify clinics if we don’t have a minimum of 6 paddlers attending for a five day clinic, and 4 paddlers for a weekend session. In the very unlikely event we have to cancel, we will refund the cost of the clinic. If you need to cancel, we will refund the full amount minus the PayPal admin fee (approx. $60USD) up to 2 weeks prior to the scheduled start date of a clinic, unless it affects the minimum participation requirement in which case the refund will be 50% minus the PayPal admin fee. If you cancel within two weeks of a clinic start date then the refund will be a 70% minus the PayPal admin fee since most of the fixed costs for the clinic will have been paid for and cannot be reimbursed. During the clinic, paddlers are responsible for any damages to the boats they are using. If there are damages, then the instructor will determine if the boat needs to be completely replaced or it can be fixed.

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