Steering Clinic

Steering Clinic

Saturday June 13th 2015
10am at Jericho Sailing Center

Jericho Sailing Centre Google Map

Kauai Outrigger will be holding an intermediate steering clinic at Jericho Sailing Centre with Mirage and Lightning canoes supplied from the Jericho Outrigger Canoe Club. You should have participated in our level 1 clinic last October or have at least one year of steering experience. We will continue on from our previous clinic in October and touch on more advance topics such as race strategy, tactics, drafting, advanced steering techniques, plus sprint turns.

This clinic will consist of mostly on water practical.  Each person will have a video profile executing various steering commands that we will request to perform which will be reviewed later in the members lounge. We will meet in the members lounge 10am sharp and will be a full day ending around 4pm. When you enter the JSCA compound, head up the stairs to the 2nd floor and enter lounge through the doors directly across the hall.

Participation is limited and you must be registered to attend. Ensure you bring paddling clothes, steering blade, regular blade, and a change of clothes. The Galley will likely be open but you should bring water and bars. Hot showers will be available.

Please register below:

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