Kauai Outrigger

We organize OC1 and OC6 clinics currently only in KAUAI. We may resume clinics in MAUI, and CALIFORNIA in the future. Our regularly scheduled clinics are currently suspended due to COVID. However; we are planning for a summer and fall session. Keep an eye our our homepage as well as broadcasts if your are a subscriber. You can contact us as well to be ensured of notification. The COVID rules on Kauai have been stricter than the other islands, hence why the COVID cases are very low. Here is the link to the Kauai government site pertaining to the COVID rules for the island.

Our clinics are designed to give paddlers guided lessons in order to:

  • Improve technique and performance
  • Increase boat skills, balance and wave catching abilities
  • Build confidence for more enjoyment on the water

Through mentorship and stroke analyses, paddlers will walk away from each clinic with a more efficient and effective stroke, allowing them to be more competitive. The six-man clinics will also cover water changes, race preparation and crew selection.

Most importantly, you will have an opportunity to enjoy paddling with new friends, in new locations, with breath-taking views.